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Working With Katria Farmer

The marketing consultant, creative writer, and  freelance graphic designer extraordinaire

Campbell University
B.A. Communication Studies
UNC-Chapel Hill
M.A. Strategic Communication
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The Quick and Dirty

I will fulfill your marketing requests creatively and efficiently with informed decisions that cater specifically to your needs.

The Full Story

I'm awful at small talk. It's weird, uncomfortable and provides no value. But you can't have deep, soulful conversations with just anyone without knowing who they are and what you have in common. 

Marketing without research is just small talk. Developing logos, strategic or social media plans without determining who you're targeting is the same as a "nice weather we're having," to a stranger. It's bland, boring and unmemorable.

Every move I make is personalized and well-researched so that your audience knows that you're talking specifically to them. Every curve or jagged line on a logo, every word in a newsletter, every twist or turn in a motion graphic will all have meaning. 


— Keith G.

"Katria is great to work with. Would recommend! Highlights include strong communication skills, quick turnaround, and high quality of work."

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