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Q: Will selfie sticks be provided?

No selfie sticks, but there will be plenty of regular sticks. You can use them to point at things or use your imagination to pretend they are wands and that your wand has a unicorn hair inside of it. We love imagination at Carolina Adventures, but we believe that technology can hinder it. We try to foster an environment where you don’t even feel the need to whip out a smartphone because you’re too enveloped in the beauty of nature and friendship.

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Curly Nu Growth Newsletter

SUBJECT LINE: Good hair for what?!

For many women, the natural hair movement has been about freedom - freedom from relaxers, freedom from the fear of water (rain, sweat, etc.), freedom to explore your roots through, well...your roots. Yet, we all have that one auntie who always has to let you know exactly how she feels about your hair.

"Your hair is too pretty to lock."
"What kind of job will you get with dreadlocks?"

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