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Gaining Independence When You've Been Told What to Do Since Birth

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

I've always hated school. Call it what you want - childhood rebellion, teenage angst - I was just never down with what it represented.

Of course I didn't like waking up early, or the endless amount of homework, but more than that, I hated the stifling atmosphere. Sit down, be quiet, listen and regurgitate. There was never any freedom in exploring or choosing your own direction. Even at the graduate student level, there are still required courses and very few cross-training opportunities between departments.

After 18+ years, I'm finally free and I have no idea what to do with myself. It's terrifying.

There are plenty of opportunities to be assimilated into an existing organization and return to a life of security and safety. And who knows? Maybe that'll be a path I take one day. As for now, I've dared to venture out of the digital freelancing arena and into the local one. Like...talking to people and stuff.

Coming from a background of "read pages 372-295, do the worksheet on page 24 and don't forget to study for tomorrow's quiz," I rise with nervous jitters each morning because now, I make a path for myself.

It was a little overwhelming at first. I had a jumble of things that I wanted to do in my head. Without organization, that became stressful. Check your competitors, name your services, set your prices, develop a strategy, reach out to potential clients, also your little brother wants you to draw him as a cartoon character, watch these 3 tutorials on Lynda, etc. To help de-clutter my mind, I now write lists with specific and attainable goals for myself each day.

Freelancing has taught me better than any class how to be self-sufficient. I set my own daily goals for myself, I've learned quite a few new skills thanks to Lynda and YouTube tutorials, and I get to explore ALL of the things that I love.

So, I no longer fear the monster we call freedom because that monster made me stronger. Now, I can fend for myself.

About the Author: Katria Farmer is a freelance communications consultant in Wilson, NC specializing in copywriting and graphic design. Her B.A. is in communication studies and her M.A. is in strategic communications. She serves Wilson, Rocky Mount, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. Learn more about working with her:

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