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Just a Small Town Girl

Home is where my heart is

I grew up in an itty bitty town. There's no mall, you're always running into someone you know, and all of the youngins are trying to claw their way to "literally anywhere else."

Yet somehow, I still fell in love with the place. Maybe it was the peace that came on brisk fall mornings when my mom and I would sip tea on the front porch. Perhaps it was warm summer nights when I'd get to splay out on the hood of my car and find the big dipper (the only constellation I'd ever cared to identify). It could be that my snot-nosed little brothers were growing up in the quaint city and I'd begun to associate it with them.

Whatever the reason, I decided to return to Wilson, North Carolina after getting my Master's in Strategic Communication. "Tria, you gotta get out of there," my childhood best friend often cautions me. But I came back for purpose. I wanted to give back.

It was a terrifying move deciding to start something on my own right out of grad school. I knew it would begin slowly and require a lot of effort and research, but I swallowed my fears to venture into the unknown because I wanted to support local businesses. I wanted to be able to choose the companies I worked with. I wanted to strengthen the communities I grew up in.

So yeah. That's my hope. My raison d'etre. I want to help and I'm grateful to the business owners who have entrusted their livelihood to me. Together, we'll grow big, beautiful forests from tiny, powerful seeds.

About the Author: Katria Farmer is a freelance communications consultant in Wilson, NC specializing in copywriting and graphic design. Her B.A. is in communication studies and her M.A. is in strategic communications. She serves Wilson, Rocky Mount, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. Learn more about working with her:

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